Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visit Our Online Coffee Store

For all you coffee drinkers out there we are still selling Fair Trade Coffee from Just Love Coffee Roasters. They sell delicious Fair Trade Coffee from many different countries. We have our own online store with Just Love Coffee, so please visit our store by clicking OUR COFFEE STORE.

For every single bag of coffee we sell to our friends, family, and other coffee lovers we get $5 to go towards our adoption. So if you buy 3 bags of coffee that puts $15 right into our adoption fund and puts us closer to our dream of becoming parents.

Thank you for all your support!!!

Back to WA Life

I know we haven't posted anything in a few weeks, but that is just because not too much has been going on. We have settled back into life in WA and are enjoying the good weather whenever we get it! CJ has been mountain biking and golfing and I have been running and keeping busy with day to day house work! We have been trying to continue our fundraising and have been trying to sell stuff on craigslist to raise the money we still need. We are still waiting for our match call and are hoping it will happen very soon! Please continue to pray that the right birth mother will pick us very very soon!!!