Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Delayed Update

Sorry it has been so long since we updated! It has been crazy around here. So many things have been going on since the last update. First of all we are moving to CA in July so that is very exciting. So the last week of March we went out to CA for a small vacation with CJ's family in NewPort Beach and we were also able to head up to Ventura area where we will be moving and visit our friends in San Diego so that was a great trip! The last big news is that we had another failed adoption attempt. :( We were put in touch with a birth mom through facebook, so it was a private adoption not through our agency. Anyway we started talking in November and she was due mid April. Things were going well and we were in constant contact. Then towards the end of February she had the baby almost 8 weeks early. We continued to talk about the adoption and she still sounded positive. Then at the end of March when it came time for him to leave the hospital she decided she wanted to try and parent. It was hard to go through that again, but we were more prepared this time to deal with it. So now we are just waiting again! Please pray for our journey. Thank you!!!

Here are some pics from our CA visit: