Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Bottle Fundraiser!

That is what the sticker on these baby bottles says. We have officially started our baby bottle fundraiser! When we came across this idea we thought it was awesome! So we will be handing out these bottles to everyone we know. Then you will have about a month to fill it up with all your extra change and then we will pick them all back up! We thought it was such a great idea, because everyone always has spare change just lying around or doesn't know what to do with the change they just got at the grocery store. Well now you have an official place for all your change! 

Here are a few of our baby bottles!

If you haven't received a bottle and would like one just let us know and we will get one to you ASAP. Also if you know of other people who may be able to fill one let us know that too! We can give you as many as you think you can get filled! We are excited about this fundraiser! It should be fun for everyone! 
Collecting all your spare change will help change our lives!!!

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